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Horatio in the Wind

 NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Due to the current global situation and given the intrinsic purpose of this book, which is to ease the fear of death and dying, I am giving away the ebook and audio companion for free, so that parents and children may have access to this tool and ease the fear of the current situation we are living through.

Inspired by Jim Henson's work on The Storyteller, Horatio in the Wind is a tale of courage, understanding and ultimately, sacrifice for those we love.

Experience the book with immersive FREE soundtrack and you may find yourself inside our universe.

This book eases one of the most difficult and most avoided conversations in our families; what happens when we die.

Horatio in the Wind is a non-denominational story. Without the use of any religion Horatio is able to give a heart warming sense of ease around the often avoided subject.

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When a boy gives everlasting life to his Kingdom the joy of living vanishes from sight. He must find the courage to bring death back.

Scan the QR code on the first page and instantly enjoy Horatio in the Wind with the immersive audio companion for the full movie-like experience. 64 pages make 32 jaw dropping illustrations you won't forget any time soon.

Horatio in the Wind is printed at Friesens, in Canada, and a publication by Viral Force.


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