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Horatio in the Wind

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When a boy kidnaps death and gives everlasting life to his Kingdom the joy of living vanishes from sight. He must find the courage to restore balance. Horatio in the Wind is a tale of courage, understanding and sacrifice for those we love.


An absolute page turner of a children's mystery book that combines a stunning soundtrack by acclaimed composer Fernando Arroyo Lascurain with jaw dropping animated movie illustrations by Robert Nailon.


Scan the QR code on the last page and read along an incredibly compelling performance by Ariel Highwind.


This book tackles one of the most challenging topics for young people; what happens when we die.


Horatio in the Wind is a modern spin on a Russian Folktale from the 19th century that left an imprint of bravery on author J.D. Oldenburg when he was a frightful child. It is the kind of book that will transport future adults right back to their childhood.


If you like the ebook, you may purchase the limited edition signed and numbered hard cover. (less than 500 available)


Horatio in the Wind is printed at Friesens, in Canada.


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