Horatio in the Wind

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The illustrated book that begs to be a graphic Novel!

About a boy who conquerts the fear of dying.

This intense read offers an instant shift in your perspective.

You can read it in under 20 minutes. It comes illustrated, so even your children will connect with it.

As seen on the NBC universal networks!

"Life and death are in love, my dear. So they always chase after each other" - Horatio in the wind.

"Imbued with a deeply inspired message regarding our biggest fear and ultimately coming to embrace it with full peace, grace and understanding." - Kenza Kadmiry

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"My copy of Horatio In The Wind arrived in South Australia today, and it is absolutely beautiful - I am moved to my core." - Steph Parker

Available on kindle as well.

“But why would I read a picture book?!” “This is for kids!”

No! The book connects us to our inner child, it is not just a book for kids. It is a tool for everyone, and quite an effective one at that! Give it a try!

It’s a 20 minute read, for under 20 dollars. That’s less than a dollar per minute, what have you got to lose?! Get the book, experience the catharsis it brings, don't cut yourself short. Release the fear of death and dying. Start living again!


I want to share a little bit of the backstory behind Horatio In The Wind. From a very young age, likely soon after I started talking, I exhibited an unusual fear of dying. I’d often cry on my dad's lap because I knew one day I'd die.

 My mom tried to ease my fear by telling me it would be long before I died, but I knew she had no way of knowing. I could die any day...


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