Horatio in the Wind

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Are you ready to embark on a thrilling adventure with Horatio, the brave young boy who dared challenge Death?

In this captivating story, Horatio must confront his fear of dying and discover the true meaning of life.

When Death comes to claim the life of Horatio's beloved family, the fearless boy comes up with a plan

to kidnap Death and grant his kingdom everlasting life!

As seen on the NBC universal networks!

As time passes, Horatio realizes that life without death is not as wonderful as he had imagined.

He must make a difficult decision and set Death free, learning that life and death are intertwined and necessary for a fulfilling existence.

"Imbued with a deeply inspired message regarding our biggest fear and ultimately coming to embrace it with full peace, grace and understanding." - Kenza Kadmiry

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Join Horatio on his journey of self-discovery and overcome your own fear of dying.

This heartwarming tale will inspire and uplift readers of all ages. Get your copy today and discover the power of bravery and acceptance.


I want to share a little bit of the backstory behind Horatio In The Wind. From a very young age, likely soon after I started talking, I exhibited an unusual fear of dying. I’d often cry on my dad's lap because I knew one day I'd die.

 My mom tried to ease my fear by telling me it would be long before I died, but I knew she had no way of knowing. I could die any day...


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