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In his masterpiece "Horatio in the Wind," J.D. Oldenburg confronts incredibly human sensations of love, attachment, courage and fear. Life, death and the wind. A story for all ages. The kind that can be told forever and still the meaning lives on... The writing and illustrations of this book embody the sort of eloquence and ease you might expect from a story that weaves itself and the soundtrack transports you into a different world. With a potent mix of innocence and darkness, Oldenburg demonstrates the kind of storytelling which inspires to dig deep into ones soul.

Marquis Hogains

Horatio in the Wind

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This book is a must have for every home and heart!

Horatio in the Wind is imbued with a deeply inspired message regarding our biggest fear, and ultimately coming to embrace it with full peace, grace and understanding. It is easily approachable and soothing for all ages, bringing light to a topic that would make lives easier if we spoke about it more often and didn’t leave it in the shadows. The book's gorgeous illustrations are true treats to the eyes. One can enjoy an incredible immersive experience with the must-have audio companion for all of the epic sound, music and narration features. 
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this book to anyone inspired by a beautiful story, an important message, and excellent work and art all around.

Kenza Kadmiry

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My copy of Horatio In The Wind arrived in South Australia today, and it is absolutely beautiful - the artwork is incredible, the soundtrack is stunning. I love it.

Steph Parker


When a boy Kidnaps death and gives everlasting life to his Kingdom the joy of living vanishes from sight. He must find the courage to bring it back. 

I want to share a little bit of the backstory behind Horatio In The Wind. From a very young age, likely soon after I started talking, I exhibited an unusual fear of dying. I’d often cry on my dad's lap because I knew one day I'd die.

 My mom tried to ease my fear by telling me it would be long before I died, but I knew she had no way of knowing. I could die any day...


From Zero To Horatio In The Wind

I spent a lot of time worrying about how many rejection letters I was receiving for my work, convinced my book was going to end up in a forgotten drawer, along with my first two novels, never to see the light of day.

I told myself success wouldn’t dare come near me until I had an agent, so I kept submitting my work to them. Until one day I received a...



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