Signed Special Edition Wide Screen Hardcover

Horatio in the Wind

Author's Note: Once these special edition copies run out, there will NOT be a wide screen edition again, this is your only chance to get the book in this format.


The tale of the boy who didn't know he time traveled. 


Because of Horatio's paperback success, this signed first edition wide screen has evolved from an early author's risky idea, to a memento of what it takes to reach success.


These copies of Horatio in the Wind are a symbol of Jose Oldenburg's resilience and unwavering spirit to bring Horatio to the world.


Only 600 copies were printed, and José signed all of them. There are about 200 left.


José also numbered a few of them as well, but lost track, so most are not numbered. 


"These are the original and only wide screen hardcover prints of Horatio in The Wind. These date back to 2018 when I first printed Horatio and had no idea whatsoever how to bring it to market."


Having found market success, these copies have became a memento. 


"They have been under my bed through many cities and much effort. Today they represent victory and perseverance. Whether you get a numbered copy or not, (thanks severe ADHD) they extremely valuable."

-José Oldenburg


As you know, Horatio in the Wind is an absolute page turner that packs a gut punch like no children's book has ever punched before.


As with the Amazon paperback, which also exudes quality and is more affordable, musicalized audio book comes included with your purchase. In English and Spanish.


This Special Edition hard cover of Horatio in the Wind was printed in Canada.

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