Sample Illustrator e-mail

This is a sample craigslist ad used to find your illustrator on craigslist
Thank you for watching my video, remember if you are using Fiverr or Freelancer, you still can contact artists with a variation of the text below, and inform them you are interested in working with them. Stick to short and sweet conversations, always on the subject of the work getting done.
Seeking experienced digital illustrator for a children's book/ comic book project. Ideal candidate follows direction well and is open to explore new ideas. The project has a total of __ illustrations and has to be completed by ___ (Be realistic here, assume each illustration can take 7 to 10 days) 
We are looking for work in the vein of (reference images) and are open to exploring different styles, if interested please respond with a link to your portfolio.
We will select a few candidates and commission a paid test illustration to find the ideal candidate. 
Thank you.