Horatio in the Wind - Paperback + Audio Companion

Jose Oldenburg

Horatio in the Wind - Book 1 in The Leunam Tales

The Boy Who Didn't Know He Time Traveled.

Prince Horatio lost his dad, and he'll make death pay the price.

Praise from Solene, a 39-year-old mother of Livy (6) and Piatas (9): "This book had me IN TEARS, my kids are obsessed... We are obsessed. I bet you Pixar turns this into a movie."

This mysterious yet heartwarming tale comes with a gut punch.

"Life and death are in love, so they always chase after each other."

Praise from Megan Barnard (DreamWorks Animation): "Self publishing is hard, let alone at this level of quality. What you have achieved is remarkable."

That is all we will reveal at this time.

Horatio in the Wind is Book 1 in The Leunam Tales. Be sure to scan the QR code for the full experience (book with soundtrack).

Book 2: Rose Marie and the Crystal of Desires comes out December 2024.

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